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Your Skills Matter

xs:code is where developers pay for expert advice. We match developers who need help in a specific domain with expert developers like you, based on your Open Source Code contribution history.

Get support pings, send an offer directly from xs:code chat using the “$” button, and start earning money with your knowledge.

Getting Started

Sign up with GitHub

Sign-up with your GitHub account to sell on xs:code.

Set up your profile

Add information such as your bio, location, expertise and spoken languages.

Create offers

Offer hour-based support, consulting and bug-fixing. You set the price.

Ranking Aces

If you have been contributing to open source projects, there’s a good chance you have been recognized as an ‘Ace’ by our ranking algorithm. Aces show up on the leaderboards and appear higher on search results.

Learn how we rank developers here.

Not an ace? No problem. You can still offer support, but you will not be displayed on the leaderboards until you qualify as an ace.

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Repository Owners

If you have your own open source repository on GitHub, you can offer more than just support. On xs:code, you can find easy to use monetization tools to help you start generating revenue with your open source repository.


Signing up to xs:code is completely free. When making a sale, you keep 75% of the revenue. When making purchases on xs:code, applicable fees and taxes may be added to the item price.

You choose the price for each item you offer. You can choose from a one-time payment or a subscription-based payment. The minimum transaction price is $5 USD.

Note that applicable fees may be added to your price.

We use Payoneer’s robust and secure payout platform for transferring funds to your account. Read more about Payoneer at