Setup Guide

Learn how to offer repository-related services, paid access to unique versions
of your code and setting up licensing options.

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Getting Started

Decide which services you want to offer.

Getting Started

Click ‘Add Repository‘ and follow the instructions. Your repository has to be public, and you’ll need to install our read-only Github app for verification purposes.

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GIF How to Add Service Item

Create a 'Service' Item

In the repository editor, click ‘Add Item‘ and select the ‘Service‘ component type. Be sure to add a description of exactly what you are offering, and if you have any special terms, such as your availability.

Set a Price

Choose your price and billing model:

Subscriptions are great for providing ongoing support or maintenance. You can create both annual and monthly subscriptions with different pricing.

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GIF Update Your README.md file

Update Your README.MD on Github

The best place to promote your paid components is on your README.MD file. Use our badge/banner to place a link to your xs:code repository page. This will help notify your users about the items you are offering. You can also use social media, blogs and developer community websites to promote your project.

Need any Help? Our Community Team is Here

Click on the chat icon or email us at hello@xscode.com

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Setting Up Your Items

Can’t decide what to offer? Read our guide on selecting the right model for you.

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Technical Support

Our support team is here to help with any technical issue via chat or email.

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Marketing and Promotion

There’s a lot you can do to get more paying users. Get our best practices and tips.